Teleport’s Science Fiction Contest Closed for Submissions. 10/20

Yesterday was the deadline for turning in submissions to Teleport’s 2018 science fiction contest.  We are no longer accepting submissions for the contest- winners will be announced October 31st.   



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My name is Jack L. Bryson and I'm the editor of Teleport. I studied literature at University of Montana. I live in Mountain View Ca, and my email is coffeeant1@gmail.com


  1. Jack, when you announced the contest you said it closes October 20, which means (usually) that October 20 is the last day for submissions. I was surprised to come here to send in a story to find it was yesterday. Might be good next time to give an actual time to avoid confusion – midnight PST on October 19, for example. Cheers.

    • Hello MJS,

      I’m sorry about the confusion. I’ll be clear on the specific time and date of the deadline for my next contest. If you’re still interested I’ll accept your submission. Thank you for your time.

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