Moonflowers- A New Book by David Gray

Teleport is proud to announce the new release of David Gray’s book Moonflowers.  David Gray was the second place winner in Teleport’s 2018 Science Fiction Contest.  Congratulations David.


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Thirty years ago, the gates to Heaven and Hell opened, and Armageddon kicked off. The skies boiled with warring angels and demons, and cities burned. Two weeks later, the gates slammed shut, stranding the remnants of the two armies on a battered and vengeful Earth.

At least, that’s the official story.

Now, Armageddon-Lite is ancient history to jaded youngsters like Petal, who thinks the angels and demons are just murderous con artists. Petal is lumped in with the Moonflowers – strange kids born too close to the energies of the supernatural enclaves, with freak abilities of their own.

Petal finds himself pressed into service to help keep a lid on the rival strongholds in New York City, where only his gift stands between him and a variety of messy and imaginative deaths.

But being able to see three seconds into the future is hardly impressive compared to his fellow freaks. And Petal’s reluctance to help anyone is not winning him friends.

So, when a simple missing person case turns into a high-stakes chase through the angels’ crystal citadel in Manhattan, and the demons’ fiery pleasure domes in Brooklyn, Petal finds himself out of his depth, with no allies. Except for a girl who can steal other people’s luck, a scarred Armageddon-Lite veteran, and a reformed succubus. And even they don’t like him very much.


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