Hemispheres is the new cyberpunk novel from Mark Everglade. 

In a world where light is currency…

Light is big business on Evig Natt, where it’s always dark and fireflies are the only legal source of light. They’re also used for currency, leaving the impoverished to live in the shadows of the wealthy.

Severum Rivenshear is hired by the government to stop the Kontractor, a woman speeding the planet’s rotation to bring light to rich and poor alike, until his beliefs and life shatter while witnessing the abuses of power.

Together, their journey will take them from space to cyberspace, from reality to virtual reality, as they save the last refuge of humanity. In a time of war, they must bring balance to the hemispheres, even if Severum must betray the very system he’s sworn to protect.

Written in the spirit of William Gibson and Neal Stephenson, Hemispheres proves that cyberpunk is back in this epic, new release that pays homage to classics like Vacuum Flowers, Schismatrix, and Halo.


Hemispheres is now available on Amazon


About the Author:  Mark Everglade has spent his life as a sociologist, studying conflict on all levels of society. He wrote Hemispheres to sooth our ideological divisiveness at a time of increased polarization as he explores how our underlying values are more similar than we think, regardless of how we look, act, or vote. An avid reader of science fiction, he takes both its warnings, and opportunities for change, to heart. His previous works have appeared in Exoplanet Magazine and Unrealpolitik. He currently resides in Florida with his wife and four children.












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