My Uncle’s New Eyes


Regular Teleport contributor Joseph Hirsch has several novels out. His recent novel My Uncle’s New Eyes is out on Amazon.

“When Michael Reeves gets suspended from the rural Arizona boarding school/rehab facility where his rich stepfather put him, Mike’s mom, at her wit’s end, sends him to live with a family member who has a hacienda in the countryside. Enter Uncle Jimmy.

Michael’s great-uncle Jimmy “Grim Reaper” Reeves is a former world champion boxer who is punch-drunk from a hard career, on top of suffering the usual vagaries of old age. He’s also the subject of an experiment, a revolutionary new therapy that holds the promise of helping Uncle Jimmy recover his memories and potentially altering the lives of millions of other seniors, if successful.

It sounds good, only what if the ex-boxer remembers some things that were perhaps best left forgotten?

My Uncle’s New Eyesis part coming-of-age novel, part science fiction meditation, with more than a dash of noir and horror thrown in.”

Joseph Hirsch is currently editing his SF novel, How Men Love the Mermaid, which could best be described as 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea but set in a Titan-like moon’s methane ocean.

You can find all his works on his Amazon author page.



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