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Almost 1500 years after ancestors from Earth colonised planet SP714, the human population has grown. Countries have divided, risen, fallen and out of the ashes, Dex Island is about to take centre stage. Weapons manufacturer and President, Nathaniel Dex, works with his colleagues to run his company and steer world politics, while his three adopted children wreak havoc on the world.

Varian, Isra and Ren are the most controversial weapons ever created by Dex Industries. Designed and adapted by the infamous Doctor Devek Za, they embody the ever-expanding limitations of biological technology. The ongoing development of the three siblings is mirrored throughout by the growing influence of Nathaniel Dex in world politics. With the new nation of Dex Island populated by Dex Industries employees, and no one but Nathaniel Dex to lay down the law, the interests of the company outweigh all else.

Questions of accountability are central to every episode of The Dex Legacy. Who is responsible for a bomb that destroys a nation in a single devastating blow? The person who designed it, the person who attached the price tag, or those who eventually launched it? Who is responsible for the deaths of those who fall at the hands of three fifteen year-old super soldiers? The person who designed them, the people who raised them, or the children themselves?

With parental figures who wield more motives than anyone can count, it’s up to Varian, Isra and Ren to draw their own lines, wherever they can. Because when it comes to the damage inflicted on them by their adopted father and his associates, there are no lines whatsoever.


Derek Künsken, author of The Quantum Magician, said – “The Dex Legacy is a far future military SF audio drama that begins with a bang. Definitely check it out!”

Tim Hardie, author of Hall of Bones, said – “This is dark edged sci-fi and it leaves you with something to think about afterwards.”

Ida Keogh, BFA and BSFA award winning writer and author of FISH!, said – “Gritty and intense, a bold new voice in hard science fiction.”

The Dex Legacy is available on all podcast platforms, just search The Dex Legacy. You can find direct links at the top of the homepage at www.thedexlegacy.com.


 Author: Emily Inkpen.

Composer: Allen Stroud



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