The Nightmare Tree

New from Paul O’Neill (2nd place winner of Teleport’s Short Story Horror Contest)



Thirteen tales of horror and suspense set in the forgotten towns of Fife, Scotland.

A mythical spider requires a sacrifice. A wintery landscape holds the secret of a missing best friend. A demon offers an introvert an escape from a crowded party. An alien blob swallows the world. A witch isn’t all she seems.

Dare you stand before the Nightmare Tree and make your wish?


‘Somewhere between Iain Banks and Stephen King’

Creepy, weird, suspenseful and imaginative’

‘Intriguing and heartfelt’


Contains the chilling stories:

  • The Great Slime Kings
  • Three’s a Crowd
  • The Summer Bullet
  • The Only Emperor
  • Down Below is Silence and Darkness
  • Guardians
  • In a Jar of Spiders
  • We the Dark Deniers
  • Blocks
  • Nightmare Soup
  • The Dumps
  • Once Upon a Flame
  • The Nightmare Tree (novella)



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