Edward Ahern- Trial and Error

John S. Aissis- Quebec of the Night

Joel Armstrong- Never Finished

Victor Parra Avellanede- Lost Soul

Chris Bedell- Duncan’s Reckoning

Warren Benedetto- Leftovers 

Ralph Benton- The Wyoming Degenerate 500


Philip Berry- The Oceans will Teem

Liam J. Blackley –The Man Beneath the University

Rodolfo Boskovic- One Apocalypse at a Time

Kathy Bryson- Celebrating Beltane

The First Day of Christmas

An All Hallow’s Eve

Jack L. Bryson- A Little Probing

Puzzle’s Curse


Greg Burgess- Prize from the Past

R.C. Capasso- The Case of the Guilty Party

Bill Carr- 2034

Steve Carr- The Sisterhood at the Edge of Eternity

Dwain Campbell- Mickey and Moby

Jack T. Canis- Torso

Carlos A. Duarte Cano- Looking For Carla

Matt Cantor- Dual Rotor

Ed Chaney- The Unfettered Library of Alexandria

Hayley Chow- The Third Eye

Jesse Cipala- “Gulli-Bill”

N.D. Coley- I’m All Better Now

Daniel M. Cojocaru- Mmmemories

Enoch Daniel- Broken Glass

John Darling- Up

Holly Day- Excerpted

Diana Davis- Satyrday Night Special

Lawrence H. Davis III- Domain of the Dragon

Terry Davis- Afterlife

Simon Dedeo- Patient Evolver

Bob DeRosa- The Resort

DC Diamondopolous- Crow Barn

Matthew R. Doherty- Jim Bryant’s Land

Brian Donegal- Refit

Jeff Dosser- Night Walk

Iona Douglas- Runaway

Jamie Drew- The Man from Mountain View

Abhirup Dutta- The Jellyfish Rains

Daniel Elliot- Church of the Myriad Self

Safa Elnaili- The Midday Ghoul

Dustin Engstrom- I Hate to Tell You

Jon Etter- Window Rattlin’

Emile Eugensen- Stroke of Luck 

Helen Gallegos Evans- The Rodadora

Louis Evans- The Prince of Svalbard: A Saga of the Thaw

Mark Everglade- No Virtue in Virtuality 

Swylmar dos Santos Ferreira- The Soldier

Carol Fichtelman- Rogue Soliel

The Arvidson Prize

Charlie Fish- Ship Psychiatrist

Claire Fitzpatrick- A Little Faith


The Jacaranda House

Jamie L. Forrest- Prowler

Michael Fowler- A Hole in the World

Amir Ghazi- The House of Nightmares

David A. Gray- Strollers

Lilly Gray- The Salesman

Nathan Good- Some Stay for Awhile

Feng Gooi- The Head- Catching Twister Chasers of the Western Plains

E.B. Gula- The Upper Floor Studio

Bill Hackenberger- Love and Robots

Bobby Harris- The End of Things

Matt Hawkins- The Game of His Life

The Steam Packet Demolition

Doug Hawley- Asteroid 

Richard Helmling- Daemonus galateus

Elizabeth Heating- Walter

David Wesley Hill- A Bad Case of the Flu

Joseph Hirsch- Katzenjammer Midnight

Last Monk and First Monkey

Green Planet, Blue Tears

Red Diamond Rain

Joseph Hurtgen- No Virtue in Virtuality

Emily Inkpen- A Thousand Silent Feet

Jessica Brook Johnson- Artisanal Cancer

Matthew B. Johnson- The Food of Life

Andrew Johnston- Singing Across the Void

Charlie Jones- LiSt

Sian M. Jones- The Wreck of the Lorelei

Evan Kaiser- Out with a Whimper

Megan Kakimoto- A Practicle Guide

Blaine Kaltman- Parker in 2518: The Lobster Heist

Lorna D. Keach- The Eyes of Rook LaDue

Dean King- Backwater

Cameron Kirk- Regarded Down

Floris M. Kleijne- A Matter of Mass

Kajetan Kwiatkowski- Drainage

Judah Lamey- No Place for the Unknown

Keith LaFountaine- Overtime

Lenny Levine- Time Before Time

Eric Lewis- Remind Me

Joseph Lewis- How We Met

K.A. Liedel- The Weekends Last Forever

James Lipson- Help Wanted

S.A. Locket- Dunte’s Plague

Steven Lombardi- The Gods in the Wire

Malena Salazar Macia- Prayers for the God-Fearing

Cameron MacPhail- Lemuria

John Mara- The Final Battle Between Good and Evil

Jenean McBrearty- When Particles Don’t Behave

Jordan Marie McCaw- What Belief Can and Cannot do

Bill McGuire- The Shop

Rudolfo San Miguel- Small Talk with the Enemy

Todd Easton Mills- Balance, 2082

K. Noel Moore- And They Shall be Called Children of God

J. Marshall Morgan- How I Survived

The Final Truth

Peter Emmett Naughton- Hide and Seek in Aisle Seven


Ed Nobody- The Procedure 

Pat O’Malley- The Audit

Paul O’Neill- Blocks

The Great Slime Kings

The Summer Bullet

Adam Ostaszewski- Reflection 

Nick Perilli- Belfry

Abbey Peterson- Fruition

Nikolai Pike- This is Susie, Over?

Cody Plepel- Significant Others

Cynthia Praski- Imago Delinquents

Keith ‘Doc’ Raymond- Taking the Dark

Jenny Robson- Crescendo

Matthew Ross- Silver Linings

Tom Rozek- The Neonate Swaddling Specialist

DL Shirey- The Harv

Daniel Allen Solomon- Sunny and Dinitede

M.E. Solomon- Doppelgang

Jhon Sanchez- Handy 

ZF Sigurdson- Record of the Rain Peter Facility

Dorian Sinnott- The Haunting of Berkeley Square

Paul Stansbury- The Grey

Autumn Leaves

EJ Stark- Don’t Look

Bridgette Stevenson- She Held the Spark

J. David Thayer- The End of Time Travel

Identical Snowflakes

Kyle Toucher- Hell’s Infirmary

Kate M Tyte- Better Living with Mantis Shrimp Vision

Rekha Valliappan- Renartis Rising

B. A. Varghese- Version 16

Rachel Veznaian- Kairos

Paul Vincent- Guardian Angel

Nicole Walsh- The Cat

Team Meet

S.F. Warkentien- Doomsday Electric

Clay Waters- The Last Murder Mystery

Richard Webb- Thought Surgery

Lee Welling- Upholding the 2nd Law

Taylor Wendt- Time Management

Subodhana Wijeyerante- Innumeratry

Dee Williamson- And Fall in Love with a Space Lord

Bethany Willis- Subscribe

C. Winspear- Selfless

Connor Lee Winters- John Wesley Harding

Nicholas Zielinski- Optix



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