Contest Winners

Winners for the 2022 Science Fiction Contest:

1st place: The Nature of Parasites by Moh Afdhaal

2nd place: Disremember by Keith LaFountaine

3rd place: A Gilded Dragon Under the Palm Tree by M.A. Dosser


Winners for the 2020 Horror Contest:

1st place: “Gulli-Bill” by Jesse Cipala

2nd place: The Great Slime Kings by Paul O’Neill

3rd place: This is Susie, Over? by Nikolai Pike


Winners for the 2019 Fantasy Contest:

1st place: Thought Surgery by Richard Webb

2nd place: Subscribe by Bethany Willis

3rd place: No Place for the Unknown by Judah Lamey


Winners for the 2018 Science Fiction Contest:

1st place: Domain of the Dragon by Laurence H. Davis 

2nd place: Strollers by David Gray

3rd place Crescendo by Jenny Robson

Honorable Mention: A Matter of Mass by Floris M. Kleijne 



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