The Rodadora by Helen Gallegos Evans 


Small Talk with the Enemy by Rudolfo San Miguel


Hell’s Infirmary by Kyle Toucher


What Belief Can and Cannot do by Jordan Marie McCaw


The Cat by Nicole Walsh


Never Finished by Joel Armstrong


Taking the Dark by Keith ‘Doc’ Raymond


A Practical Guide by By Megan Kakimoto


The Grey By Paul Stansbury


Mmmemories! By Daniel M. Cojocaru


The Man Beneath the University by Liam J. Blackley


Regarded Down by Cameron Kirk


The Final Battle Between Good and Evil By John Mara


Hide and Seek in Aisle Seven by Peter Emmett Naughton


The Head-Catching Twister Chasers  of The Western Plains

by Feng Gooi


Identical Snowflakes by J. David Thayer


Celebrating Beltane by Kathy Bryson


Blocks by Paul Paul O’Neill


Autumn Leaves by Paul Stansbury


The End of Things by Bobby Harris


The Unfettered Library of Alexandria by Ed Chaney


Lemuria- by Cameron MacPhail


The First Day of Christmas- by Kathy Bryson


The Audit- by Pat O’Malley


She Held the Spark- by Brigette Stevenson


Thought Surgery- by Richard Webb


Subscribe- by Bethany Willis


No Place for the Unknown- by Judah Lamey


Mickey and Moby- by Dwain Campbell


John Wesley Harding- by Connor Lee Winters


earth and two moons

Innumeratry- By Subodhana Wijeyeratne


fallen angel

And They Shall Be Called Children of God- By K. Noel Moore



An All Hallow’s Eve- By Kathy Bryson


Day of the Dead girl

Puzzle’s Curse- By Jack Bryson


Female Satyr

Satyrday Night Special- By Diana Davis







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