The Man from Mountain View by Jamie Drew


Excerpted by Holly Day


The Procedure by Ed Nobody


The Eyes of Rook LaDue by Lorna D. Keach


Night Walk by Jeff Dosser


The Harv by DL Shirey


Walter by A. Elizabeth Herting


Prowler by Jamie L. Forrest


“Gulli-Bill” by Jesse Cipala


The Great Slime Kings by Paul O’Neill


This is Susie, Over? by Nikolai Pike


I’m All Better Now By N.D. Coley


Time Management by By Taylor Wendt


Mother by Claire Fitzpatrick


Renartis Rising by Rekha Valliappan


Window Rattlin’ by Jon Etter


Doppelgäng by M.E. Solomon


The Food of Life by Matthew B. Johnson


Blocks by Paul O’Neill 


Torso by Jack T. Canis


Some Stay for a while- by Nathan Good


The Final Truth- by J. Marshall Morgan 


Homecoming- by Peter Emmett Naughton


The Haunting of Berkeley Square- by Dorian J. Sinnott


Kelp Forest

Record of the Rain Peter Facility- By ZF Sigurdson


hand in river

Backwater- By Dean King


living room

The Jacaranda House- By Claire Fitzpatrick


Amir Ghazi

The House of Nightmares- By Amir Ghazi


grimm reaper golfing

The Game of His Life- By Matt Hawkins


Creepy Door

The Steam Packet Demolition- By Matt Hawkins


Cemetery under full moon

Ghoul- By Jack Bryson


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