Science Fiction


By John S. Aissis


By Taylor Wendt


Mmmemories! By Daniel M. Cojocaru


The End of Time Travel by J. David Thayer


Up by John Darling


Asteroid by Doug Hawley


Sunny and Dinitede by Daniel Allen Solomon


How I Survived by J. Marshall Morgan


Handy by Jhon Sanchez 


The Salesman- by Lilly Gray


Fruition by Abbey Peterson


Skewered by Ralph Benton


Last and First Monkey- by By Joseph Hirsch


When Particles Don’t Behave- by By Jenean McBrearty


Green Planet, Blue Tears by Joseph Hirsch 


Help Wanted- by James Lipson


The Last Murder Mystery- By Clay Waters


Remind Me- By Eric Lewis


Jim Bryant’s Land- By Matthew R. Doherty


Belfry By Nick Perilli


The Sisterhood at the Edge of Eternity- by Steve Carr


Singing Across the Void- By Andrew Johnston


The Soldier- By Swylmar dos Santos Ferreira


Kairos- By Rachel Veznaian


Stroke of Luck- By Emile Eugensen


The Shop- By Bill McGuire


The Third Eye- By Hayley Chow



Looking For Carla- By Carlos A. Duarte Cano


interior spaceship

The Oceans Will Teem- By Philip Berry


train station

Parker in 2518: The Lobster Heist- By Blaine Kaltman


Love and Robots- By Bill Hackenberger


crying robot

A Matter of Mass- By Floris M. Kleijne


Domain of the Dragon- By By Laurance H. Davis III


girl in warehouse

Strollers- By David A Gray



Crescendo- By Jenny Robson


space girl

Rogue Soliel- By Carol Fichtelman


marine explosion

Prize from the Past- By Greg Burgess



Patient Evolver- By Simon Dedeo



Guardian Angel by Paul Vincent


A Little Probing- By Jack L. Bryson


Shattered glass around Earth

Duncan’s Reckoning- By Chris Bedell


Martian Landscape

The Arvidson Prize- By Carol Fichtelman


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