Science Fiction


Sunny and Dinitede by Daniel Allen Solomon


How I Survived by J. Marshall Morgan


Handy by Jhon Sanchez 


The Salesman- by Lilly Gray


Fruition by Abbey Peterson


Skewered by Ralph Benton


Last and First Monkey- by By Joseph Hirsch


When Particles Don’t Behave- by By Jenean McBrearty


Green Planet, Blue Tears by Joseph Hirsch 


There’s something Odd about Asteroid QLR4- by Steve Carr


Help Wanted- by James Lipson


The Last Murder Mystery- By Clay Waters


Remind Me- By Eric Lewis


Jim Bryant’s Land- By Matthew R. Doherty


Belfry By Nick Perilli


The Sisterhood at the Edge of Eternity- by Steve Carr


Singing Across the Void- By Andrew Johnston


The Soldier- By Swylmar dos Santos Ferreira


Kairos- By Rachel Veznaian


Stroke of Luck- By Emile Eugensen


The Shop- By Bill McGuire


The Third Eye- By Hayley Chow



Looking For Carla- By Carlos A. Duarte Cano


interior spaceship

The Oceans Will Teem- By Philip Berry


train station

Parker in 2518: The Lobster Heist- By Blaine Kaltman


Love and Robots- By Bill Hackenberger


crying robot

A Matter of Mass- By Floris M. Kleijne


Domain of the Dragon- By By Laurance H. Davis III


girl in warehouse

Strollers- By David A Gray



Crescendo- By Jenny Robson


space girl

Rogue Soliel- By Carol Fichtelman


marine explosion

Prize from the Past- By Greg Burgess



Patient Evolver- By Simon Dedeo



Guardian Angel by Paul Vincent


A Little Probing- By Jack L. Bryson


Shattered glass around Earth

Duncan’s Reckoning- By Chris Bedell


Martian Landscape

The Arvidson Prize- By Carol Fichtelman




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