My Uncle’s New Eyes by Joseph Hirsch

Up (on audio) by John Darling

Hemispheres by Mark Everglade

Passing Tones to Nowhere by J. David Thayer

Giovanni Haunts the Hospital- book 5- by Kathy Bryson

Describe Your Character- by Jack Bryson

Fun with Punctuation- by Kathy Bryson

An Interview with David B. Coe- by Edmund R. Schubert

Scene-Rooting and Micro-Edits: A Craft Interview with Faith Hunter- by Edmund R. Schubert 

Turning Your Short Story into a Novel- by Kathy Bryson

Winners for the 2018 Science Fiction Contest

Giovanni Meets a Coven- by Kathy Bryson

The Races of Enhiarg- by Natalia Anikina

Giovanni Joins the Werewolves- by Kathy Bryson

Prognostications- by Jack Bryson

Review of Bright- by Jack Bryson 

Interview with E.M. Foner- by Kathy Bryson

Review of Sea of Mammals- by Jack Bryson


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