The Galactic Culinary Society By D.R. Schoel

Interview with Paul O’Neill

The Nightmare Tree by Paul O’Neill

The Dex Legacy- A New Sci-Fi Audio Drama by Emily Inkpen

My Uncle’s New Eyes by Joseph Hirsch

Up (on audio) by John Darling

Hemispheres by Mark Everglade

Passing Tones to Nowhere by J. David Thayer

Giovanni Haunts the Hospital- book 5- by Kathy Bryson

Describe Your Character- by Jack Bryson

Fun with Punctuation- by Kathy Bryson

An Interview with David B. Coe- by Edmund R. Schubert

Scene-Rooting and Micro-Edits: A Craft Interview with Faith Hunter- by Edmund R. Schubert 

Turning Your Short Story into a Novel- by Kathy Bryson

Winners for the 2018 Science Fiction Contest

Giovanni Meets a Coven- by Kathy Bryson

The Races of Enhiarg- by Natalia Anikina

Giovanni Joins the Werewolves- by Kathy Bryson

Prognostications- by Jack Bryson

Review of Bright- by Jack Bryson 

Interview with E.M. Foner- by Kathy Bryson

Review of Sea of Mammals- by Jack Bryson


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